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By simply taking the peaceful non-violence action that will awaken the Government of India.

As a first step to support this cause, please register below to show your support for the Disability Bill 2012, not only to be effective but also to be followed. Your name, disability status and location will be displayed in the list of supporters while your e-mail address will be kept strictly confidential.

Once you have registered, please spread the words to your families, relatives and friends. We need to get as much support as we can.

We respect your time and we will not send you any e-mails unless if it is of utmost importance. Once you get an e-mail from us, it is your decision whether to come or not.

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Spread the News

Please inform your families, relatives and friends about this website and encourage them to support us in our goals.

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Step 3

Show Up

When you get an e-mail from us regarding the date, time and location of our peaceful procession, please keep in mind that it is your choice whether to show up or not and we will always respect your decision.

Extra Step

Sign the Petition at

There is a petition signed by large number of people forcing the Government to take the RPWD 2013 into consideration and have it tabled. Please go to this website here. Fill in your details on the right side and click "Sign".

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National Association of the Deaf
Deaf Enabled Foundation
Bombay Foundation of Deaf Women
Deaf Entertainment
Mook Badhir Mandal
Speaking Hands Institute for the Deaf
LEED, Pune
Yuva Association of the Deaf
Archana Ampoules Pvt. Ltd.

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