DD Channel Interpreter of Narendra Modi Swearing

Interpreter on DD Channel for Oath-Swearing of Narendra Modi.

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The evaluation idea by Rajesh Ketkar.
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26th May 2014 was awaited by all Deaf Indians. For the first time the Oath taking ceremony by the new Prime Minister and his cabinet Ministers were made accessible in sign language. The credit of this achievement goes to the National Association of the Deaf in New Delhi. With its members meeting Shri Rajnath Singh prior to the oath taking ceremony and emphasizing the importance of sign language interpretation for the Deaf community, NAD was once again successful in its endeavors.

26th May 2014 was a day when many deaf signers , non deaf signers and families of the deaf intently watched the oath taking ceremony. It was expected by many to be a satisfying moment because we could see the live interpretation in Indian Sign Language. However it was not as satisfying as we hoped. The Indian sign language interpreter was not as effective as the Deaf community had hoped.

Deaf friends from various cities and states were asked for their opinion. We got information from deaf friends and non deaf friends who are Indian sign language users from Gujarat, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Indore , Orissa, Kolkata, Hyderabad, that the Indian sign language interpretation was not satisfying. Approximately only 40% to 50% being understood by the target group. There were grammatical flaws, tinge of home signs that are not necessarily part of Indian Sign Language.

All in all the Deaf community felt dejected and let down. One opinion was shared by most from the community – the government needs to make sure when they do provide a service to the Deaf it has be of quality. The Deaf community has been marginalized for many years and now they demand quality in service. They are not ready to accept favours because they are citizen of this country.

Note – This article has not been written to hurt the sentiments of anyone in particular, it has just voiced the views of the Deaf community.

Written by Atiya Hajee


The Hindu - Delhi May 25, 2014

The Hindu Newspaper - Sign Language Interpreters for Narendra Modi's oath-taking ceremony at Doordarshan

The Hindu - Delhi May 25, 2014

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